Adrian Davis

Adrian Davis

Player Status: Amateur

About: I reside in San Leandro, California, making Monarch Bay Golf Club my home course. I started playing golf around 15 years ago at 8 years old, and I’ve loved the journey to better that this game brings out of me, on both the physical and mental side. I played two years of junior college golf at Monterey Peninsula College, and plan on turning professional in the coming years.

Why I play with Cabsoft: I chose Cabsoft because of the exceptional feel it gives when I hold a club. The glove is of some of the highest quality I have experienced, and I believe that the glove is a key factor to helping me play my best golf.

Strongest part of your game: The strongest part of my game when playing well would definitely be my putting, I enjoy visualizing putts go into the hole and I believe my speed control has saved me many shots in rounds. 

Favorite club in the bag: Putter

Lowest score recorded: 65 at Old Chuck Corica

Favorite golf course: Poppy Hills Golf Course

Course I hope to play one day: Monterey Peninsula CC

Favorite snack to eat on the course: Fig bars

Favorite golfer: Tiger Woods

Dream 4 some: Myself, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and Stephen Curry.

We didn't invent the golf glove, we just perfected it.

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