Bhavik Mistry

Bhavik Mistry

Player Status: Amateur

Why I play with Cabsoft: The main reasons why I play Cabsoft gloves over other brands is the fitment and quality of leather. The glove fits “Like a second skin”, helping maintain a strong grip of the club, improving accuracy and feel. Additionally, compared to other brands Cabsoft gloves last 2x longer, maintaining form and velcro.

About: Born and raised in San Jose, CA. Started playing golf around the age of 14, learning the game from friends and family. Played many sports growing up, but golf was something that that I can enjoy outdoors that was intricate but also had a lot of variety. Being able to play with friends, meet new people, and play different courses created many memories, and I look forward to continuing to improve my game and play new courses.

Strongest part of your game: Long game

Favorite club in the bag: 3 wood

Lowest score recorded: 73

Favorite golf course: Kapalua Bay Course

Course I hope to play one day: Augusta National Golf Club

Favorite snack to eat on the course: Sunflower seeds and granola bars

Favorite golfer: Jordan Speith

Dream 4 some: Stephen Curry, Tiger Woods, Jordan Speith, and Myself

We didn't invent the golf glove, we just perfected it.

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